One Hit KO is a fast-paced, single-player, 2-button fighting game that pays homage to classic martial arts video games and movies.

Press left to hit left, press right to hit right, but be careful, if you miss it´s over! One Hit KO is a simple game about pure skill, reflexes and concentration.

As you keep playing new enemy types are introduced and the game quickly becomes frantic and exhilarating. You'll fall many times before reaching the end, and that's ok because the game frequently rewards you with one of the 24 unlockable characters to keep you motivated.


  • References to the 80's and 90's world of martial arts.
  • Unlock 24 playable characters as you improve your high score (cosmetic, no gameplay changes).
  • Learn to defeat 8 enemy types (+1 final boss).
  • One long level with 7 random scene changes (cosmetic, no gameplay changes).
  • Only one (secret) power-up to aid you, your skills and reflexes are what matters.